Backed by a brand with nearly three decades of experience in the Jan/San industry

Since 1993, Unimanix  designing and manufacturing  commercial and industrial high-pressure washers serving a diverse set of industries ranging from Healthcare to the Canadian Armed Forces. Visit Unimanix

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, our engineering team leveraged our expertise in cleaning and sanitizing equipment to develop best-in-class electrostatic sprayers.

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Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to help our clients achieve healthier environments by creating innovative solutions that help stop the spread of viruses and infections which we are exposed to every day.

Our company works towards a single mission – a commitment to bringing the most effective electrostatic spraying technologies to facilitate virus prevention and infection control by offering products that all businesses and individuals can easily use. PAX Innovations supports healthier lives by providing the right solutions to stop the spread of bacteria and infection in our communities across Canada.

A Multi-Application Disinfection Solution for Today’s Environment

When the right technology and smart people come together and adapt the technology to a new application – magic happens. The advancement in electrostatic technology provided us with the opportunity to develop a product that simplifies disinfecting operations. It also streamlines standardized maintenance protocols while helping to create healthier environments. The electrostatic technology offers superb surface disinfection methods that will impact public health favourably.

Our handheld disinfectant electrostatic sprayers combine superior performance and come at a most affordable price point. PAX handheld electrostatic sprayers can cover target surfaces more thoroughly than other disinfectant applicators while providing uniform surface coverage.