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An example of when electrostatic charging occurs is when after combing your hair; the comb attracts pieces of paper, which is especially visible in the winter season when the weather becomes dry. This is because the comb becomes negatively charged and as a result, attracts neutral or positively charged objects like the pieces of paper.
The electrostatic charging technology behind PAX products is decades old. The agricultural, surface coating and automotive industries have been using electrostatic technology because it provides an efficient and cost-effective method of applying various types of fluids.

Before the advent of electrostatic spraying technology, the process of applying paint and spraying pesticides was highly inefficient due to the amount of liquid lost during the spraying process. It is believed that only 25% of paint sprayed on to an object would properly reach and adhere to the target surfaces whereas the remaining 75% would be lost to the floor and surrounding environment.

Then came the revolutionary electrostatic technology that changed everything.

Prior to exiting the specialized nozzle of the electrostatic sprayer, the liquid is atomized to very fine droplets that form a consistent stream of mist. These fine droplets are also induced with a charge and this is where the magic happens, these now charged droplets seek out hard-to-reach, unexposed surfaces and adhere to them resulting in the best possible coverage of the target object.

Furthermore, given that the droplets have the same charge attached to them, they will not merge with one another forming one large droplet, but rather they will line up next to each other on the target surface minimizing the gap between one droplet and the neighbouring droplet and hence forming a very thin layer of disinfectant film on the target surface.

In so doing, the transfer efficiency of the disinfectant to the target surface is greatly improved as the disinfectant droplets not only reach visible areas but also travel beyond the frontal surfaces to adhere to the unexposed underside and backside of the target object.

Electrostatic Technology to Disinfect Surfaces and Objects

For those geometrically shaped, high-touch areas, conventional disinfecting methods leave us prone to make mistakes, cut corners, mis-use and to waste disinfectant liquids all of which create a false sense of assurance that the surface has indeed been properly covered with the disinfectant for infection control purposes.

With the electrostatic sprayer, you’re able to apply the disinfectant fluid in a controlled manner while obtaining maximum surface area coverage thereby eliminating the danger of uncoated or overuse of fluids. In fact, Pax means “Peace” in Latin, and our products are meant to give you the peace and tranquility of mind that you achieved the necessary coverage for disinfection.

You’ll also eliminate the need to mix solutions or to add liquid bleach into water with the hope of achieving the right concentration. With your PAX, you simply have to choose the disinfectant liquid from Health Canada’s approved list and pour it directly into the tank of the handheld electrostatic sprayer.

Our clients have successfully used PAX sprayers without having prior experience. They have been able to easily operate our handheld electrostatic sprayer and achieve the same outcome as a seasoned maintenance professional.

It is also worth noting the incredible savings in both time and labour costs. Our clients have reduced disinfection time by up to 90% by using PAX handheld electrostatic sprayers when compared to the conventional, and labour-intensive methods.

Electrostatic Sprayers from PAX Innovations

The advancement in electrostatic technology provided us with the opportunity to develop a product that simplifies disinfecting operations. With proven electrostatic technology, we were able to engineer and design our handheld sprayer to provide you with a superior device. PAX sprayers offer a touchless disinfectant application. Use PAX sprayers with any disinfectant liquid approved by Health Canada and get a fast and effective disinfecting method while using less solution.

The Only Handheld Electrostatic Disinfect Sprayer You'll Ever Need.

We're proud to say PAX Innovations offers the best handheld disinfectant sprayers because they combine superior performance, operational savings and the most affordable price point. With uniform coverage, PAX sprayers can cover target surfaces more thoroughly than other disinfecting practices.

PAX sprayers can disinfect an average-size room in under 30 seconds, thereby reducing the workforce, lowering disinfectant costs and, at the same time, helping to keep people healthy.

Covers More Square Footage. Consumes Less Disinfectant. Lasts Longer. PAX Electrostatic Sprayers, Order yours today!


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