Electrostatic handheld sprayers overview 

Product Overview

Designed and manufactured in Canada, the PAX  electrostatic sprayer series can be applied to any surface and in any environment. To get the full benefit electrostatics, it is recommended you apply water-soluble disinfectants on conductive surfaces and objects.

Droplet size50/60/70 microns (3 nozzles)70 microns (1 nozzle)
Spray Distance12’’- 48’’36’’- 48’’
Tank capacity20.3 oz 600 mL (flushing tank)20.3 oz (600 mL)
Coverage per tankUp to 6000 sq.ft.Up to 6000 sq.ft.
Dimensions13.5’’ x 8’’ x 3.3’’13.5’’ x 8’’ x 3.3’’
Weight empty4.0 lbs (1.850 Kg)3.3 lbs (1.500 Kg)
Weight full5.4 lbs (2.450 Kg)4.62 lbs (2.100 Kg)
ChemicalsAny water soluble solutionAny water soluble solution
Battery14.4V lithium-ion14.4V lithium-ion
Battery placementInternalInternal
Run time per charge8 hours4 hours
Charging time3-4 hours1-2 hours
Carrying BagYesNo
Warranty1-year limited1-year limited

PAX 100

For performance & longevity

PAX 50

A economical solution for limited surface-area targeting