November 2021

Come meet our team of “Pax Innovators” at this year’s biggest event on the janitorial & sanitation industry! Show info.

July 2021

Read the latest article on Pax Innovations in the July issue of Business in Focus!

June 2021

Pax innovations appoints Market Advantage Plus for representation in Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

May 2021

Pax Innovations appoints International Trade Hub to help grow Pax’s growing market in Columbia, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Thailand and Vietnam.

May 2021

Pax Innovations receives UL certification for its line of cordless electrostatic sprayers. Pax sprayers are now certifiably good.

May 2021

Pax Innovations appoints Ryan, Saffel & Associates as their go-to sales agents in Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Alaska.